Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kids with guns, and adults with pacifier's

 I'm so sorry about yesterday, I went to see a play with my drama buddies and it didn't end until late so I got home and zipped straight to bed, but yay finally I can share my happiness with you all! I love car boot sales especially when I find beauitufl things like this typewriter! I has ribbon, came in its original box and with instructions and all that for only £2, I mean duex pounds!  WOWWIIE, I was sooo extatic when I got it, I've written alot on it and ma mama showed me the ropes on how to work it, I got summore shizzle too, check it!

Little indian man £3, turquoise £12

Brownie camera £5

Brownie starmite 50p                                                                                           Kodak 50p

Kodak instamatic, box brownie and Cresta II
All 50p!

Silver pendant necklace £2                                                                   Silver mother of pearl cross £4

Woohoo, I do love carboot sales! Such good sales and I got 6 cameras aaaah that's 36 all together, my collections in growing ever so slowly! I love you all talk hopefully tomorrow!!!


Monday, 28 March 2011

In the blink of an eye a caterpillar to a butterfly

I apologise so much my baby's D:
I've been so terrible this past week,I really really am so sorry, but seriously with the week I had last week, everything seemed very chaotic, I spent two hours on Friday, perfecting my drama performance for today (which by the way was very nerve wracking however got a really posotive reseult!) But I will try and promise you that every other day will be blogy wog day, and I shall be uploading alot of nicey nice things about rcent treasures I have found in car booty's and you may be even a little lucky to take a peek in my wonderful wardrobe of misfortune and (non)fashion garments, so woohoo!

Until Wed-nes-day (does anyone still say it like that in their heads anymore, or is it just me?) I shall share with you the abosslutely beautiful photos of butterflies, I know they aren't "awwwh" worthy, but seriously they are some of the most beautiful and elegant insects I have ever seen, and was featured on Paramore's most recent album (yay) So here, flight!

This black and white one just here is my most definate favourite photo at the moment, (found all on weheartit, please claim for praise darling, you deserve it!) as it reflects the abnormal movement of a butterfly in such a shot and just looks so spontanious, I would love to have been the one to take this beautiful photo. Also I find butterflies are so wonderful for fashion, as they're a very feminine insect, I think so anyway, tehe, so yes, appreaciate their wing-ed glory, and have a fantastic day.

Yay Germany in just over a week!!


Monday, 21 March 2011

In a bit of a pickle with my pomeranian

So so Adorable, you can't get much better that a little pomeranian puppy, fluffing itself on the carpet, bless boo for being the sweetest dog in the world. I've decided to stop my 'Little Miss. Ramble column for now, I'm just simply not enjoying writing it which is a shame, however may be back in the summer holidays, or soime time in september, as for now I feel my blog should be more about, my day to day life.  And on Wednesday I have something excccciiiting to show you allllllll, as I went to a magical place on sunday///well tthe weekend! But until then PUPPPPPIIIES!



Saturday, 19 March 2011

Grant Cowan

Showering and sparkling in a-ray of simple silk dresses and complex diamonté designs, Grant Cowan is able to pull off and draw anything a woman would want to shower upon herself, his drawings inspire the very heart and souls of us all, even a mere tomboy would look at them and dream one day to look as glamourous and slender as his illustrations.

His talent for making heads turn is deffinately an effective one, and his pen skills to twist and curl every detail is just magnificent, they may look simple but his drawings have so much movement and happiness fleeing through them! I may not be the most feminine girl in the world, but just seeing his beauitful illustrations makes me want to be tall and slender.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Oh dream maker, you heart breaker

Her voice is just too beautiful,
in dire need to have this song on my ipod,
Bless you Audrey.


Monday, 14 March 2011

Overjoyed with the oracle of owls

Owls, owls baby owls, owls on my head and owls in my bed,
owls, owls mystical owls, scaling down the window with beach towels,
owls, owls funny little owls, they give you a friiiiiiiight, in the dead of night!

My polaroid caaame! Been going craazaay
with the film, wooohoo pink
wafer biscuits!


Friday, 11 March 2011

Pandora's Box

Hi guys, I'm sorry I just don't feel like blogging right now, I'll do my ramble post on sunday, I'll have more to talk about then! Sorry again.

This is what fell out of Pandora's box

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pugs not drugs

If you've ever delved deep down into the foundations of my blog (and no I don't mean the HTML) the you will realise how different it use to be, well I think it's different, VERY, it also use to look so strange! Well I just mean, very, how shall i put it home made? But hopefully now it's looking a bit more personal, I am considering limiting the amount of pictures that are down the columns of my blog and keep it really short, also getting rid of that ridiculous 'popular posts' thing, because it's really annoying me!

After my 'Back in the old days' rant I have very happy news, I don't know whether to tell you now, or when it arrives...Oh fuck it! So, something happened the other week and I recieved a bit of  "family income" (if that's what it's called) and now most of it is locked away safe, but considering I had been contemplating whether to save up ages for one or just give up the dream all together, mummy finally told me I was allowed to with draw a tenth (I'm liking fractions right now!) of my money and buy myself a modern polaroid! I was soo happy my heart stopped for one second! So YAY, when he/she arrives in he/she's bubble wrap packaging I will definately show you all! I also ordered three packs of film, woohoo, so happy!

I finally feel I have control of all my homework and money situations, so relaxed! 


Monday, 7 March 2011

I spend my days kissing kittens

I loooove kitten they're adorable! I aboslutely adore those ones that look like angus off of angues thongs and perfect snogging, they're just soo sweet, I know it's a bit of a cliche saying that kittens are cute, but they seriously are! Ooh I can't say too much, lets just bask in the cuteness of these babies!

(David Bowie cat!)


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Running around like a flamboyant unicorn, in my terms, extremely normal!

Why do all my mornings include


Hi everyone, I wrote this post earlier on in the day and I thought instead f writng and entirely new one I'd just write on this one, I'm in a really good mood because today my mama was coming home from a trip as she went down to go and see her relitives in Horsham and papa was golfing with his buds down at the course, so I went about cleaning down the house for when they both return, and I gave everything a nice scrubbing to the charts on the radio, on the side watching a pair of lovely high waisted jeans on ebay (I won!), I'm going to HAVE to show you when they arrive as I've been looking for some denim ones for ages, and since my legs are not my best feature skinny jeans make my figure look nicer. And I've found a lovely top off of this site someone recommended the other day, and I really love it, it's very unique and I'm worried I might not be able to pull it off, but hey, someone's worn it before someone else has to sooner or later, and seven-pounds! You can't really go wrong, so if I do make my purchase, I'll mash the jeans and top together and show you what they look like *tehe*

Finally four weeks from now I'll be going ot Berlin and I know this is sad, but, someone like me always worries about her wardrobe, so I think I'll select some outfits I think are nice and show you what I might be planning to wear there, if you'd like to see a little selecter of my wardrobe then please deffonately tell me so, jsut so I know you'd like to see it aswell! (and Berlin is a school trip for us history lovers! Woohoo!)

Bit of a long post but I'm excited tehe, I'm addicted to shopping at the moment -.- not good!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fe Fi Fo Fum I smell the scent of an owl's bum?

Heeeeey everybody, tehe, I've been busy looking at other blogs today, so much inspiration so little time! I love blogs and blogging it's like an emotional and wonderful release of energy, and letting strangers know how my day went!  I love it so much, and so this is why I'm just posting something short, also I have a little cheeky favour to ask you If you don't mind.

I've had this blog for three months now and, well I love my followers so much, they really inspire me to write so muc more, as I feel I have a goal to aim for with my blog, however I don't have many followers, so I'm really sorry you don't have to as this is really very naughty and selfish of me, but if any of you really like my blog and posts and understand my opinions then maybe you know, just slip in a little bit about my blog in a post of yours just like something teeeny weeeeeny. Don't feel the pressure to it would just make my day to see that more people across the globe find me vaguely interesting! But I love you all so much and I am really greatful you take the time to read te cupious amounts of crap I splerge on here, so thank you so much!

Had my final core science GCSE today, I think it went pretty well too!

Do you ever get that feeling of an owl just
sitting on your head?


Piece done by Amy Ross